Repairing the RE (part 4)

The new Miranda Sensomat RE mentioned in the previous post turned out to be in much better condition than it seemed at first. All of the mentioned problems are now fixed:

  • The exposure meter needle was only a little stuck (probably just because of lack of use). With gentle persuasion it started to move, and the rest of the metering system seems to be in full working order. I haven’t measured whether it gives correct readings, though, but at least it shows something, which is a big step forward.
  • The sticking lens is working fine now, too. The brass screw which holds the aperture actuating arm in place was loose, which in turn allowed the arm to move in such a way that the aperture blades jammed. After partially dismantling the lens I was able to retighten the loose screw.

As for the other, m42-mount RE, which was the original subject of these ‘Repairing the RE‘-posts, I have so much other interesting things to do during the short Finnish summer that I don’t think I’ll have time to finish repairing it until next fall.

I noticed something curious while comparing the two RE bodies: they are otherwise identical, but the new RE (which is actually older of the two, according to the serial number 6828896) is, apart from the focus screen, built using slot-headed screws like the Fv, while the other (serial number 6857640) uses cross-head screws everywhere.

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