Lenses, Adapters and Gear

Here are some of the photography gear I have, for both Miranda and Micro Four Thirds systems.

Focabell bellows:
Focabell AIII
Focabell AIII

Miranda Focabell type 7 (AIII) bellows with wheel locks, serial number 633605. This version was made in the early 70’s.

Focabell S folded
Focabell S opened

Miranda Focabell S, a small and light folding bellows for the Miranda system.

Miranda lenses

Miranda bayonet-mount lenses:
– Auto Miranda 28mm f/2.8, serial number 1200345
– Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9, serial number 4540127
– Auto Miranda 135mm f/3.5, serial number 2635458
– Auto Miranda 135mm f/2.8, serial number 5450866

Miranda Sensorex lenses

Miranda Sensorex-style lenses:
– Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.4, serial number 6808732
– Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.8, serial number 1924791
– Auto Miranda 35mm f/2.8, serial number 6430804

Soligor lenses

Soligor T-mount preset lenses:
– Soligor 35mm f/3.5, serial number 9696866
– Soligor 105mm f/2.8, serial number 197144
– Soligor 350mm f/5.6, serial number T42387

Soligor Zoom

Soligor Auto-Zoom 90-230mm f/4.5 T4-mount lens, serial number 17120034. The T4-mount and the lens cap are shown detached.

M4/3 gear:
M4/3 adapters

M4/3 lens adapters, from left to right: m39 (Leica), m42x1 (Pentax/Praktica), Miranda bayonet, T-mount m42x0.75 (Tamron, Soligor etc.)

Miranda-bayonet-to-any adapters seemed to be almost nonexistent for a long time, if you don’t count the very rare Miranda’s own ML (Miranda-to-Leica) adapter. But fortunately for at least us Micro Four Thirds users the situation is now better: please see the separate Miranda-M4/3 adapter review.

Other gear:
Miscellaneous adapters

Some other adapters, from left to right: T-mount-to-m42 + m42 extension tube set, T-mount-to-m44 (Miranda screw mount), Soligor 46mm filter thread-to-m44 reverser ring, Miranda AU.

Miranda adapters

Miranda caps and adapters, from left to right: 46mm screw-on lens cap, body cap, Miranda XM (Exakta/Topcon to Miranda m44), Miranda PM (Pentax/Praktica to Miranda bayonet).

One of the leading principles behind the original design of the Miranda camera body and lens mount was the possibility to use lenses from as wide a range of other makes as possible – remember, Miranda never made their own lenses… Consequently, the lens mount is wider than on other makes, and the body is quite slim (i.e. the register is only 41.5mm). In addition to the ones mentioned above Miranda made adapters for Exakta PAD (AXM), Leica/Canon (LF), Contax/Nikon S (CSF and CTF) and Nikon lenses (NM).

Miranda accessories

From left to right: Miranda microscope adapter, Miranda extension tube set, Miranda flash bracket.

TM microscope adapter

Here’s a real rarity: Miranda microscope adapter for the TM model, i.e. it has a m42 (Pentax/Praktica) mount instead of the standard m44.

Soligor teleconverters

Two versions of Soligor 2x teleconverters for Miranda; The one in the left I got with some Miranda lenses, the other is the one my father bought when he was still using Miranda. Different lengths, otherwise similar; anyone knows why?

Miranda viewfinders

Miranda viewfinders with a leather case. From left to right: waist-level viewfinder VF-1 (the one my father used on his Miranda Fv), standard prism viewfinder and prism viewfinder from Miranda FvT or GT with built-in TTL (Through The Lens) exposure meter. I’m using a 1,4v 675 zinc-air battery with a rubber O-ring on the latter.

These viewfinders were interchangeable and could be fitted to almost every Miranda model from the 60’s and early 70’s.

Spiratone focuser

Spiratone MIR critical focuser eyepiece for Miranda.

Exposure meters

Exposure meters, from left to right: Gossen Sixtar CdS meter, as used by my father (working), early version Miranda Cadius CdS meter (working) and an Adorama-branded TK-79 selenium meter (working, and apparently unused).