Another Miranda Sensomat RE

Today I got a new addition to my Miranda collection: an another Miranda Sensomat RE!

With a serial number of 6828896, it is a very clean and nice looking example, with some extras: a faultless case with an original rubber pad on the strap, a rubber eyepiece (with a negative diopter lens installed within; at first I thought that something was wrong with my own eyesight…), and an additional shutter release on top of the body. The shutter is working perfectly on all speeds, and even the light seals look quite good.

And now for the bad news: because it was dirt cheap, something is probably wrong with it, right? Right! The aperture blades on the 50mm f/1.8 lens are sticking quite badly (it is entirely possible that it is repairable, though, and anyway I have quite a lot of other Miranda lenses), and the exposure meter seems to be dead. I may need to gut the other RE body, which has a working exposure meter, for spares, if there is really something unrepairably damaged in the meter circuitry.

Miranda Sensomat RE: front
Miranda Sensomat RE: top
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