Testing exposure meters

Before I could even think of commencing the test shooting sessions with Miranda Fv and Yashicaflex, I needed to test the various exposure meters I have, to see which, if any, I can trust. I measured the readings given by them against the readings my Olympus DSLR gave, using ASA 400 setting / reflected light, where applicable.

The results:

  • Miranda Cadius (CdS): very good, just a little underexposure would have been happened if the readings had been used as such. This error could very well be caused by the slightly wrong battery voltage, 1,4v instead of 1,35v (675 zinc-air battery used).
  • Gossen Sixtar (CdS): the readings does not make any sense… Either I’m so stupid that I don’t know how to use it, or it is just plain broken.
  • TK-79 (selenium): quite a big error, even worse underexposure possibility. But at least the error was consistent; I wonder if it could be calibrated to show proper readings.
  • Miranda built-in-prism TTL meter (CdS): couldn’t test, there seems to be an intermittent (loose / corroded) connection somewhere inside it, need to investigate further.

Seems that it’ll be the Miranda Cadius which will follow me to the shooting sessions…

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