Welcome to the Miranda Fv site!

First, let me introduce myself:

My name is Jouni Rinne. I’m a blogger and an amateur photographer (in addition to other numerous hobbies…) residing in Tampere, Finland. I went digital with my photography quite a long time ago, but lately I’ve been rediscovering the joys of old-school film photography. This interest got a major boost after my father gave me his collection of old cameras: 1955 Yashicaflex C, 1984 Pentax Program A and, especially the main subject of this site, 1967 Miranda Fv with lots of lenses and other gear. I instantly fell in love with the Miranda, and started collecting more paraphernalia for it.

My object with this blog is to give an account about the several steps I need to take while re-learning the film photography; I never did have a film SLR of my own, although I did use the abovementioned Pentax occasionally.

For me the most interesting aspect of the film photography is black-and-white photography; if everything goes well, I’m going to try the B&W film developing by myself.

Additionally, I’m going to blog quite a lot about Micro Four Thirds-related photography, too. The M4/3 is my current digital-platform-of-choice, for lots of reasons. Also, I have a friend with whom I have a common hobby: giving old, obsolete lenses a new life with M4/3 cameras. I am currently testing and using Miranda and Soligor lenses with my Olympus PEN E-PL3.

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