Soligor Miranda 5cm f/1.9 PAD lens repair

I had two faulty Soligor Miranda 50mm – actually marked “5cm” – f/1.9 PAD (Pressure Automatic Diapraghm) lenses lying around among my lens collection. These lenses were originally fitted to early 60’s Miranda D/DR models.

  • The first one, serial number K4871222, was a very clean, good looking (as in “like new”) example, but with a serious problem in the aperture system: each one of the six aperture blades within the lens has two very small brass pins fitted to them, working as pivots, and on one of the blades one pin had come loose and jammed the whole mechanism solid.
  • The second one, serial number K4877556, was a very moldy and corroded one, and obviously taken a “nose-dive” at some point of its life… but it had a working, although a bit oily, aperture system.

I decided to dismantle both of them to see whether I could combine the better parts of the two lenses to build a working one.

These early Miranda lenses are very easy to dismantle; for example, the front and rear lens units are just screwed-in. The first three pictures show the dismantling process of the K4877556.

K4877556 PAD: lenses removed
K4877556 PAD: dismantling the rear end
K4877556 PAD: focus and aperture units

Then the focusing mechanism and external parts of the K4871222 were assembled over the carefully cleaned, working aperture unit of the K4877556.

K4871222 PAD: front without lens
K4871222 PAD: rear without lens

Here’s the final product: a perfectly working Soligor Miranda 5cm f/1.9 PAD lens. The only snag with combining parts of two lenses is that the red dot indicating the selected aperture is now some 90° off… I still need to blot out the original and paint a new one to the correct place, and reset the aperture selector ring to that.

K4871222 PAD: rear, complete
K4871222 PAD: front, complete

Oh, and in case someone wonders what that weird looking sidearm in the lens is for: Here’s a picture of the repaired PAD lens fitted to a Miranda Fv. The button on the sidearm, when pressed, first sets the lens to the pre-selected aperture, and when pressed further in, fires the camera itself. There were four camera manufacturers using this kind of external aperture control system in the 50’s and 60’s, before the in-camera controls were designed: Ihagee Exakta (Germany), KMZ/Zenit Start (USSR), Topcon (Japan) and Miranda (Japan), all of those makes having the shared feature of a front-mounted shutter release.

PAD lens fitted to Miranda Fv
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2 Responses to Soligor Miranda 5cm f/1.9 PAD lens repair

  1. Dave says:

    I recently discovered your Blog looking for a guide to repair my Miranda Sensomat RE.
    Your site really helped me, thank you!

    The only problem left is that I can’t get my shutter speed dial working. Do you have any advice on how to reassemble it? Everytime I try I can’t set the ISO.

    I would REALLY appreciate your help!

    All the best

    • Jouni Rinne says:

      Do you have all the parts in the correct order? Would it help to have an exploded parts view? I have a photocopy of original Miranda Sensomat Service Manual.

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