Developing the first black & white film

Last Monday I spent an interesting evening in the Tampere Camera Club‘s (Tampereen Kameraseura) film laboratory situated within the basement of the “Metso” library. In there I developed, for the first time without any outside help, a black and white 35mm film. It may not sound much, but for me it was a big step to the great unknown…

The film in question was my last roll of Lomography / Earl Grey 100 (i.e. rebranded Fomapan 100 Classic). I really like that film’s wide tonal range and the beautiful silvery sheen of the middle shades. The developer used was Kodak D-76 stock solution. Developing time was 5.5 minutes at 21℃.

The roll of film was exposed to the rays of light by a 1967 Miranda Fv, mostly using the stock 50mm f/1.9 lens. Below are some sample pictures from the roll.

Tampere University
Duck pond
Satakunnansilta (Satakunta bridge)
The former Frenckell factory
Stairs beside the Hämeensilta (Häme bridge)
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