Yashicaflex test pictures

Last spring I took a roll of test pictures on Dad’s old 1955 Yashicaflex C, which had been last used in the late ’60s, and collecting dust on a bookshelf ever since. Regardless of its neglected state it behaved very well; here are some samples of the resulting pictures. The film used was 120 type Fujifilm 400.

An unintentional double-exposure seems to be an integral part of the learning-to-use-a-fully-manual-camera-process… The steamer “Tarjanne” (Please see the Flickr page for a better picture of it) and the memorial of the steamer “Kuru” disaster in 1929, combined in one picture:

Yashicaflex test 1

A cherub and a swan in front of the Finlayson Palace:

Yashicaflex test 2

Toijala market place and church:

Yashicaflex test 3
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