Repairing the RE (part 1)

When I originally got this Miranda Sensomat RE body, the shutter seemed to be completely frozen, and the winding lever didn’t seem to be connected to anything, it just moved to and fro. But, one morning while fooling around with the RE, I cranked the lever with a bit more force than usual, and to my surprise it primed the shutter, which then could be released normally… It seems that the winding mechanism was just a little stuck, maybe due some dirt between the gears.

I was so delighted about this sudden display of activity, I almost forgot to go to work that morning… Well, in the evening after I got home from work I examined the camera more closely, and found out that the mirror stuck to up-position on all but the fastest shutter speeds.

I had already bought a “Miranda Sensomat RE Service Manual” from OTC, so with the aid of that invaluable manual I started dismantling the RE yesterday evening. After careful cleaning and oiling the situation is now much better, but the mirror still sticks up almost every time on slower speeds, and the winding lever is a bit stiff on the middle of its travel, at least stiffer than the lever on the Fv model. More dismantling and cleaning seems to be in order now…

Sensomat RE: viewfinder removed
Sensomat RE: winding lever & shutter speed dial removed
Sensomat RE: top & front cover removed
Sensomat RE: bottom cover removed

To be continued…

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