A site dedicated to Miranda Fv / FvT cameras and other forms of retro photography

by Jouni Rinne
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A new film photography site!

Recently I started a new blog to showcase the photographs I’ve taken with the film cameras I own, some of which has been shown on this site. Without further ado let me present you the “Lux Argentea” (latin, meaning “Silvery … Continue reading

by Jouni Rinne
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Numbers game

What is the mathematical possibility of me buying blindly two cameras from opposite ends of the world, with years between them, and ending up with cameras with successive serial numbers? That’s exactly what happened recently… I bought the Miranda FM … Continue reading

by Jouni Rinne
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Overhauling a Mirax Laborec

Laborec is a special camera designed with scientific / laboratory usage or astronomical photography in mind. It was made by Miranda Camera Co., Japan; the first models (from 1965 on) were sold using an old Orion/Miranda bellows system label “Mirax”, … Continue reading

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