A site dedicated to Miranda Fv / FvT cameras and other forms of retro photography

by Jouni Rinne

Why Miranda?

Some of you may have been wondering why I’m obsessed with such an obscure and long since vanished camera make like Miranda. Well, there are several reasons, which can be divided in three subcategories: Historical reasons: My dad bought his … Continue reading

by Jouni Rinne
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I have been making some (long overdue) updates to the Museum and Gear-pages. More cameras, more accessories…

by Jouni Rinne
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The Naming of Cats… er, Cameras

I have bothered my head with this for some time… The principle behind the naming of the various Miranda camera models seems to be somewhat eccentric… either that, or lacking of any eccentricy. I’ll explain myself; let’s think about some … Continue reading

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