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The Naming of Cats… er, Cameras

I have bothered my head with this for some time…

The principle behind the naming of the various Miranda camera models seems to be somewhat eccentric… either that, or lacking of any eccentricy. I’ll explain myself; let’s think about some of the early models: There are Miranda A, B, C and D. E is missing (unless we count the late 70’s Sensorex EE), then comes F and G, and later, Fv models. Add a TTL metering prism with a ‘T’ engraved on it and you get models GT and FvT. Add to this the fact that one of the first Miranda cameras was named model T. In the 70’s came the various models with ‘Senso’ as a part of their name: Sensomat, Sensorex and Sensoret. Confusing?

I haven’t made up my mind whether to think this as an indication of either a remarkable lack of imagination or a brilliant brand design.

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